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“It was tailored specifically to MY sensitivities. The recipes gave me options when I felt I was so limited.”- Jacqueline, Atlanta

I understand the fear accompanied with the diagnosis of food intolerances and having to do an elimination diet. Discovering you have food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances or histamine issues can be overwhelming and almost paralyzing; and it can totally put a damper on your social life. It requires a diet overhaul; with changes you may not be comfortable or familiar with. That is why I developed the COOKING FOR YOU project.

Cooking for You takes out the fear and tackles the question, “What can I eat? “ It is a personalized program that focuses your special dietary needs and teaches you how to navigate them.

The Cooking for You eBook provides recipes, suggestions, substitutions, and meal plans, that I personally choose to fit your unique situation and dietary needs.

The Cooking for You program also includes three 45-minute coaching sessions to assess your needs, help you stay on track, answer questions you may have (and you will!) and make sure you are confident and healthy.

Cooking For You Assessment Form

Even with food sensitives, there is abundant opportunity for a gorgeous, delicious meal. Don’t eat the same thing over and over. Contact me today to talk about your personalized Cooking for You program!