We all know that eating healthy, exercising and drinking water contribute to weight loss and help the body reach a healthier state, right? But let’s say you have been doing these things and you STILL cannot shed those last few pounds? If that is your situation, you need to consider a few other factors that might be holding the weight.

1. Sleep: Without proper rest ( 6-8 hours per night), your body cannot recharge, detox, and maintain a healthy metabolism. Sleep is integral to weight loss because it supports the balance of hormones that affect body weight and fat.

2. Stress:  You may be eating well and avoiding caffeine, sugar, etc., but if your body is still in a constant state of stress, you will have a hard time losing weight. Stress releases cortisol, which gives you that fight or flight reaction, and too much cortisol stores fat for energy later. In other words, if you are constantly stressed, you are actually in a constant state of alert and emergency ,and your body ends up reserving fat instead of getting rid of it!

3. Emotions and the past: Perhaps more difficult to approach than the first two, but another reason you might be holding onto the weight is that you simply don’t want to lose it.  What?? You say…. I have coached several clients who fall into this category. We tried everything. Then I asked them, “Is there ANY reason you can think of that you might not WANT to lose this weight.”  Sure enough, more times than not, something from the past comes up. Either they were skinny as a child and teased, or a maternal figure was very thin, but also strict and mean. Or that being thin comes with authority, and that is intimidating or undesired.  In this case, work with a coach, psychiatric professional, or hypotherapist may be useful in turning this thought around and discovering its root.

So many factors go into weight loss, but know that every attempt you make to eat healthier, exercise and sleep well provides your body the chance to heal and be healthy. So don’t be discouraged. Your weight loss is a step by step journey, and you should welcome with open arms anything that comes onto your path along the way.