Ok, so you are probably already freaking out at the annual winter weight gain. The holidays are soon upon us, invitations for sweet-laden holiday parties will be soon filling your inbox, and the weather is getting colder. All the ingredients for weight gain! To top it off, you CRAVE more fat, meat, sweets and cheese! Doesn’t sound very fair! But wait – have you given a thought that perhaps nature planned it this way? 

If you look out your window right now, you will see squirrels busy collecting nuts and seeds, birds gather twigs and food for the nest, and animals preparing their homes for the long winter. You’ll see trees shedding their leaves and plants dying. Everything is turning inward as the winter nears. YOU are part of nature as well, and your body will start to wind down and get ready for the increased darkness and less time outdoors. You will start to crave fat and protein because that is what sustains you throughout the cold months. You NEED insulation, eating salads in the winter won’t cut it. In fact, you will just get sick.  Nature designed it so that you instinctively bulk up during the winter months on heavier foods like root vegetables, meats, fats and grains. You can’t avoid it. Well, you can, but you’ll likely end up cold and ill. Not to worry, if you follow a mostly seasonal diet, you will LOSE those pounds again in the spring. It all balances out!

So instead of worry about those 5 lbs this winter, try focusing on a healthy seasonal diet and see where your body takes you!  Incorporate root vegetables like sweet potatoes, turnips and potatoes; squashes like acorn and pumpkin; warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and garlic; and grains like brown rice, wheat berries, farro, and rye; meats (if you eat meat); and hardy  greens like kale and collard greens. Keep up a steady exercise and get plenty of fresh air.

Who knows? You may feel the best you have ever felt and not worry at all about the weight! What a HUGE weight off your shoulders.