Got a cough? The sniffles? How about that nasty sinus infection plaguing the East coast? I’ve had a rough winter. It seems that I have caught nearly every germ out there – flu, sinus infections, respiratory infections, colds, coughs, etc. As miserable as I’ve been, and as frustrated as I’ve gotten that I just could not stay healthy – as I was lying in bed a few weeks ago I realized that being sick is sometimes good.

If our bodies get sick, and often, this is a sure sign that we are not keeping balance, and that our bodies need something, whether that be rest, less stress, a change in environment, job, diet, etc.  My latest illness was a 5 day respiratory infection that kept me in bed the whole time. I got to thinking – WHAT am I doing wrong? I eat healthfully, although there are some habits I could break; I get rest, although my nights are usually broken up by a teething child; I am not too stressed, although I don’t take much time for myself, etc. I had “buts” and “althoughs” behind every argument – and THAT was my answer. I need some self-care! Diet, Sleep, Nurturing.

Everyone gets run-down or overwhelmed with life. But when that becomes a constant feeling, your immunity weakens, making you more vulnerable to germs and viruses. So, while I was sick I was able to reevaluate my life, realize its weak spots and holes, and catch up on some NEEDED sleep.  Being ill also put a stop to my current eating habits and limited me to soup, broth, water, & tea – in a way – a detox. I was also able to break my cheese habit (which was getting out of control I must admit), right before Spring. (Ayurveda advises avoiding dairy in the Spring because it creates more mucus in the body, which can lead to seasonal allergies).

So while I hated being sick and I hope I stay healthy for the rest of the year (or forever!), I have to admit that some good thoughts came from it, and I feel it put me in check. My body was asking for change, and after sleeping for 5 days straight, I was rested enough to give it just that.