Do you know what I am most afraid of?  As a kid it was fire. I would have terrifying recurrent dreams about my house burning down.  I was also afraid of the dark, and whatever was in it that I could not see. As I got older, I was most terrified of not being heard. Now as I carry those fears with me into my adult years I recognize them as silly, or unfounded, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valid or haven’t shaped who I am.

We all carry fears with us. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what is different, Fear of possibility, Fear of opportunity.  Because let’s face it – every time we step out on a limb and get off our asses, it’s exhilarating, but scary.  Every time we believe something that goes against the general belief, it’s intimidating.

But what happens when we let fear control our lives? One answer is we become complacent and fail to seek our purpose, fail to speak up against what is wrong, and we fail to spread joy.  Another answer is we stop pursuing our dreams. We stop magnifying our potential. We stop believing that we can make a difference or accomplish things. We become another cow in the herd.  And when we do that, we stop believing in ourselves. Wow – that is scary and that is my most profound fear.

When I work with clients, many are so eager to reach their goals, but the FEAR of actually reaching them is paralyzing.  For instance, if you are overweight and you are constantly working on losing it, you envision your life without the baggage, and in your mind you are committed to dropping it, but it won’t come off – sometimes the fear of actually being thin and perhaps more empowered is holding you back. Or you desperately want to overcome a health issue because your quality of life suffers, but letting go of that illness will mean you won’t get attention you crave, or you will have to start working again – and perhaps you don’t want to let go of those crutches. With power comes responsibility as someone heroic once said.  With power comes duty and commitment and for some of us that is darn right scary.

To parallel these thoughts of fear, I have been reading several books on how to overcome fear and reach my potential; to find and manifest my purpose; to keep that joy in my heart.  I’ve been listening to great minds like Gabrielle Bernstein and Bruce Lipton (and being interviewed on the same radio show segment as them on WOR is beyond amazing!) 

You know what I’ve realized? Fear and joy can coexist.  Sometimes fear is even the push I need to get things done, be who God created me to be, and overcome complacency.  In my business, I want to succeed. In my life as a mother, wife, friend, daughter – I want to succeed.  In my daily life as a person who walks alongside others – I want to be a symbol of joy and peace. And my fear of what may come if I don’t focus on what I want drives me to focus even MORE on what I want. When we focus on things we want to create – guess what…..we have the power to create it!

This week a dream of mine came true.  Ever since becoming a health coach, I’ve wanted to write an eBook. And honestly, I’ve been sitting on some eBooks for years, afraid that if I put them out there, no one would read them. Well, guess what?  Sitting on them isn’t letting anyone read them anyway! So with the help of my business coach, I overcame my fear and walked towards a dream. They may not be perfect, or maybe no one will ever buy one, but I feel empowered just putting them out there with the hope that one person will benefit from what I have been through and learned.  CHECK OUT MY EBOOKS HERE.

So this holiday season and all the days beyond….focus on joy. Find your dreams. Ask yourself, what would happen if my dreams never came true? What would happen if I ignored them?

Once you start to focus on creating a reality you want to live in….you will be unstoppable!