I am so excited!  Appetites for Life is mentioned in SHAPE magazine online.  The subject of the article is Healthy Entertaining. Here’s a bit of inside information on how this came about.

In June, I organized a dinner party for a group of 10 women in NYC.  Basically, I chose a theme, this one being “Eating for Energy”, then planned a menu filled with high-energy foods like quinoa, tempeh, greens and berries (The menu in the article is different than the original). All the food was in season and everything was good for you!  While we munched on healthy appetizers like fresh hummus, guacamole and salsa with veggies and Spring Rolls in a Ginger Sauce, I talked about what foods increase and decrease our energy.  Then I explained our menu and why I chose the foods I did.  The evening was a hit!

Since then, I’ve harnessed the idea into what I call a “HEALTHY BITES” dinner party.  Find out more about “HEALTHY BITES” and how you can make your next dinner party as easy as a phone call.   Visit my website for the dish on HEALTHY BITES.

Read the SHAPE article here.