Last month I walked into a Caribou Coffee in the Midwest and ordered a Mint Lime White Tea Sparkling Chiller. It was amazingly delicious! Knowing there had to be a lot of sugar in there (58 grams to be exact according to their website), I sought out to recreate my own satisfying and cooling sparkling teas and came up with these stunning SUNsational Coolers!

All you need is a glass jar  with filtered water and some tea bags of your choice.  Then let the sun brew an amazing jar of tea.

My favorite combinations, such as Black Peach Tea with Ginger, and my Green Tea with Lemon and Mint are written below, but follow this basic idea and make your own creations with your favorite flavors.

1. Add your tea to a glass of ice, filling up about 1/2 way

2. Add in your flavors like fresh fruit or herbs

3. Top off with sparkling water and a tad of honey if desired.

4. Enjoy!

Sparkling Peach Black Tea with Ginger

Start with Peach Black Tea, add in fresh ginger. You can also add a touch of peach nectar!

Bubbly Green Tea with Mint and Lemon

Start with Green Tea, add in lemon slices and several fresh mint leaves.  You can also add a touch of honey!