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Our bodies have an amazing ability to cleanse on a minute by minute basis. We are constantly detoxing from the food we eat, the air we breathe, stress, environment and emotions. In addition to this ongoing detoxification process, our bodies are naturally programmed to spring clean every year.

Every Spring, our detoxification system (kidneys, liver and intestines) starts to flush fat and toxins out of our bodies, and the body starts to burn its own fat for fuel.  It is quite an effective system.  However, our daily lives are inundated with pollution, toxins and stress, so it is our job to help this process by eating healthy seasonal food, reducing our toxic load and getting plenty of rest.

By incorporating more seasonal foods into your diet, you can assist in the cleansing process.  Below are some of my favorite Spring Clean, Energy Packed Recipes.












When you do a Spring Clean you will notice yourself become different. You will notice your skin brighten and your mood change. It may just be what you need to lift the fog, lose those first or last 5 pounds, or make a big decision.

Be sure to listen to your body. Give it the chance to do its job. Support it with seasonal, nutrient dense produce, and loads of kindness, trust and love.


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