We all know disappointment. Sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.  And when they don’t, do you resort to self-sabatoge? Binging on cookies and chocolates? Drinking? Smoking? Watching a day’s worth of Lifetime Holiday movies?

How we cope (or don’t cope) with stress directly impacts our health and longevity. Stress is the cause of SO many health issues, because it is a precursor to inflammation, which damages our delicate bodies. Learning to manage stress is probably the most difficult thing to do, but necessary for good health. Stress can easily drag you down, and your immunity. It is especially important to keep yourself healthy by eating well, drinking water and preventing yourself from curling up on the couch and eating chocolate and cookies all day (which is what I love to do when stressed out). 

I come from a family of stressors. Born with a nervous disposition, things easily overwhelm me and stress me out. I have to consciously focus on managing stress (and avoiding the cookie/candy binge) by focusing on breathing, watching a GOOD movie (one of the classics with Audrey Hepburn usually works for me), or taking a walk. When I am stressed, I just need to take a step back and remind myself, as the old proverb says, “This too shall pass.”

What are some of your effective stress-busters? Share them here or on Facebook at the Appetites for Life Page.