Do you ever feel like giving up because cooking is too complicated? Do you feel like tossing your spinach on the wall because eating healthy is just not fun? And besides, what is healthy anyway because one week kale is great, the next it is loaded with pesticides?

I get it. Eating is hard.

But that is only because we are not listening.


Yes, we are listening to commercials, advertisements, constant scientific studies, diet gurus, and loads of experts telling us what to eat, BUT we are NOT listening to our bodies.

On top of that, there is a great culinary revival with famous chefs showing off their skills and delighting our taste buds through the television screen. While this is awesome because more people, and even children, are getting excited about cooking, it is also a problem. Why? Because hardly anyone can cook like that, but yet everyone feels they are supposed to make every dish shine in creativity, presentation and taste! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Food Network, watch it every day, (and in fact, am determined to be on it someday – sooner rather than later), but the average mom in the kitchen does not need the pressure of perfection on her shoulders.




Make food approachable, edible and enjoyable. When you do that you can take the time to listen to what your body really craves, as opposed to what you are told to crave by savvy marketers.

This idea to simplify was planted in my head by my church, which has started a new series called “SIMPLIFY”! While the series is focusing on finances, relationships, and schedules, I want to carry that over to your approach towards dieting and food.

Eating is not complicated. Nutrition is an intense field to understand, but only because we break things down into tiny, microscopic components like flavonoids, antioxidants, and polyphenols; tossing these words around like common every day terms, when no one actually knows what they are or do, right? So here’s how to SIMPLIFY all the mumbo-jumbo that is out there.


  1. Ditch the processed foods. Simply put: they don’t support your body. The more processed food you eat, the less time you have for real nutrition. The less nutrition in your body, the more susceptible you are to illness. Processed food may taste good, but real food is where the power is!


  1. Eat REAL food: Real food is anything grown from the ground. Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, leafy things, and if you eat meat then pastured raised animal products. Yes, you have to learn to cook and prepare food properly when eating these foods, but they provide valuable and necessary nutrients to keep your body strong, healthy and energized. A little time in the kitchen is a small sacrifice for better health. Don’t you agree? If you can, please invest in non-GMO and organic food.


  1. Don’t Diet: Dieting is a pain in the head. Seriously – all the eliminations, rules, regulations, phases, etc. in an attempt to achieve a body that is most of the time unachievable! Sorry to be a downer here, but most diets are about deprivation. Instead of cutting carbs or fat, eating more real food and fewer processed ones will get your body back in balance. Cutting things like gluten and dairy may be as necessary as they are trendy, especially if you are dealing with gut, sinus, or allergy-related issues, or inflammatory conditions. However, an elimination diet is different than dieting. Eliminating a food that could be causing a health problem or complicating one is different than just cutting out core food groups to quickly lose weight.


  1. Drink Water: There isn’t anything simpler than water. Alas, nowadays even water has joined the train of complication: bottled v. tap, glass v. plastic, BPA v. lead, and what kind of filter to get, etc. AH! It makes you want to scream! But water is still an essential part of life. And unfortunately, our culture has undermined this simplicity with sodas, energy drinks, sugary juices and more. Get back to basics and drink water. If you are concerned with water safety, then get your water tested and find a water filtration system to best suit your needs.


Simplify your plate. By doing these four outlined steps, you will start the year out healthier. That health will spill over into other areas of your life, giving you more clarity and energy to simplify your finances, your relationships and your calendar.

Everything you eat provides information for your body. While sweet potatoes and kale may seem more complicated for you to prepare, the nutrients they contain are far less complicated for your body. Cookies, sodas and other processed foods are anything but simple when the body starts to break them down. In fact, processed foods can place just a strain on your liver, pancreas and other organ systems, leading to chronic health conditions – that is anything but simple.

So get started today.



And to find out how to SIMPLIFY other areas of your life, visit, where my pastor offers some great tips!