Recently I was giving a workshop to small group, and the topic came up of how to adapt your eating habits to the lifestyle you currently have. For example, a stay at home Mom will have a different schedule than one who works in a office environment, or someone who is an on-the-go sales person. As we move through life, our needs, requirements, and eating habits will change or shift. It is important to be aware of what season of life you are in, and how to make the healthiest choices you can while in that phase of life.

Seasons change, and people change. At 32 years old, I am not the same person I was at 20, and my body doesn’t need the same nutrients it did at that age. It might need more or less of certain foods, vitamins and food-based nutrients. When I worked in the corporate world, I ate lunch out a lot, was often tired or bored and craving caffeine, especially in the afternoons, and was constantly tempted by sweets and other goodies around the corner. Now, as a stay at home Mom, I encounter new challenges like how to avoid snacking along with my toddler, making foods that everyone will enjoy, and the struggle to eat consciously, Moms can rarely sit down, lest finish a meal!

Recognizing what stage of life you are in and embracing that season of life is such an important key to health.  When we are younger, we long

What season of life are you in now?

to be more mature. When we are older, we just want to be younger. When we are working, we wish we had more time. When we have the time, we just want to work or do something useful! Happiness is never found in wanting something else. Happiness and health are found in embracing what you have NOW.

To embrace your NOW and be at your best health, first take a look at what you are doing that is NOT healthy. What are some habits that are preventing you from being your best in this season of your life? Do you go to bed late? Do you keep junk food in the house? Do you have relationships that don’t support you?  After you identify what’s holding you back, the next step is to work on crowding out the bad habits with healthier ones. So, each day, go to sleep 15 minutes earlier. Or start buying more fruits and vegetables and have those available for snacks instead of junk food. Make plans with friends who support you in your health, rather than drag you down.

Making subtle, small changes allow you to ease your way into things, and results in less of shock. You are also more likely to adapt to small changes than big ones. So, take a look at what’s stopping you from being YOUR best in THIS time of your life. With a few tweaks, you can make THIS time THE time of your life!