Just as much as the body loves to relax (see day 5), the body loves to move.  Your body is at its peak or healthiest when you give it appropriate physical activity.  But sometimes, we dread exercise, especially going to the gym when it is 15 degrees out!  But, you don’t have to go to the gym to get exercise.  Find an exercise or two you love to do that can be done at home.  For example, you could go out in the snow and play touch football with the kids or with friends, put on a yoga or pilates DVD (ask for one for Christmas), or pick up the pace at the mall while doing last minute Christmas shopping!  Start by doing one lap and taking note of all the stores you want to go to, then do your shopping.

Exercise offers so many choices – it’s simply up to you to choose which style of movement excites you. Your heart will thank you, your soul will be gratified, your limbs will be more fluid and you’ll sleep better at night. You will also make better food choices, and work off some of the not so good choices!

Photo taken from About.com

Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to get started on an exercise plan.  Start now and end 2009 with a bang (or sweat).  If you do want to make a New Year’s resolution to work out more, check out the partner links on the side of this blog, where I list some people who can help you out.  For instance, sign up with a personal trainer at Accelerate Performance Fitness, join Real Body Bootcamp, or stay motivated with Step it Up with Steph online! If you are not in the NJ area, then do a search for your own local resources and motivators.