We all live busy lives and often breakfast is the first to take a hit in our crazy schedules. But having a good breakfast is so important to your health and well being.  Starting your day off with good nutrition that provides energy throughout your morning is key to living a healthy life.  Here are some of my tips to creating a healthy breakfast:

  1. Find out if you are a slow-burner or a fast burner. In other words, are you fueled more by fat and protein or carbs? And when I say carbs I don’t mean cheap, processed carbs, but rather, in the context of breakfast –  fruit and whole grains.  Some people find a bowl of fruit works well, others need eggs, avocados or a heavier start.
  2. Don’t eat on the go. Find time to sit down so you can actually focus on your food and digest properly.
  3. Make things ahead of time. Cut up fruit, make oatmeal, or have muffins or waffles on hand in the freezer for quick grab and go options (see some more ideas here!).
  4. Choose foods rich in nutrients. Processed cereals and cereal bars and loaded with sugar and processed ingredients. These will run right through your body without offering much benefit. Choose nutrient-dense foods like fruit, whole grains, meats, eggs and even green smoothies, which offer a power punch in the morning! (Click here for my Green Smoothie Ebook!)
  5. Top your toast wisely. It is easy to grab toast and slab on some jam. But instead of that extra spoonful of sugar, spread on some almond butter with fresh sliced berries; mash up avocado with lemon juice and sea salt; or add banana slices and cinnamon to a light spread of coconut oil.


For more ideas on how Healthy On the Go Breakfasts – click on this awesome poster created by Teachonomy and Appetites for Life! Hang it up on your fridge or at work.

healthy breakfast chart


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