I spent 8 long years trapped in a calorie counting jail!  It all started in college when I gained a little weight, then tried to lose A LOT of weight, focusing on the importance of controlling my environment. Calorie counting seemed like the logical place to start. I could control how much and what went into my mouth, even if I couldn’t control anything else in my world (a typical eating disorder rationale).

I was never comfortable around food. It would stare at me and I’d stare back with hatred. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about food (i.e. what was fattening and what was not) because I read EVERY single label… but I didn’t know anything at all. I was confused. I thought I had the upper hand because I knew the calories in an avocado, hamburger, beer. juice, etc. I knew the secret!  Everywhere I went I carefully constructed a plan to consume “x” number of calories and no more, otherwise that would constitute failure. I failed many times, and the guilt came raining down.

I was trapped in a calorie counting jail I had created. I couldn’t eat freely anymore, and I most certainly did NOT have control. I was controlled by the labels, counting and calculations.

Finally I said “No More!”  and started a long battle that I won in the end.  I no longer count calories, and I don’t need to because I know what I eat is healthy and nutritional.  I also learned how to be gentle and kind with my body, appreciating it for all it does for me. That was difficult to accept, as I spent years in war with it.  I am now FREE of the discomfort, guilt and confusion! And food – well, it’s my friend, not my foe and I love it!

My calorie counting days have ended and I can say that with a smile and a BIG sigh of relief!