No one is perfect. Yes, we all know that, but here’s the catch, you will never be perfect. That may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. No one will ever be perfect. So, bouncing on and off diets, exercising excessively or limiting how much you eat is not going to get you to the “perfect zone.”  Rather than try to be perfect through self-deprivation or buckets of sweat, how about practicing loving yourself – just as you are?

How many times have you looked in the mirror and started to immediately point out what you dislike about your body? Legs are too short, thighs too flabby, belly not flat enough, etc. I think it’s natural to look first at what is wrong, but how about shifting the focus to what you like?  Imagine what would happen!

I encourage each of my clients to do what I call the Mirror Exercise.  It’s simple to do, but difficult at the same time.  Simply, stand in front of the mirror and vocalize what you LIKE or even LOVE about your body, and then be thankful for it.  Doing requires courage and strength because looking without criticism is hard.   For example, I love my cheekbones. So I stand unguarded and say “I LOVE MY CHEEKBONES!”  Saying things like “I AM THANKFUL FOR MY CHEEKBONES” is even harder!  But each day it gets easier and more fun!

Each of us has a purpose and something to offer to this world. So instead of buying the next diet book or fashion magazine and wish you looked like the people on the pages, try looking into the mirror and saying “I love you, just as you are. Thank you for all you are.”  The positive affirmation just might make you smile your gorgeous smile.