It’s that time of the year again. School is getting out and vacations are just around the corner! Everyone knows that vacations often interrupt diet plans or cause you to stray from the efforts you have been making to grab hold of a healthier YOU. But, while vacation food is tempting, and we may overindulge in ice cream or alcohol at times, vacation doesn’t have to ruin all the efforts you have made up until this point! You can still enjoy yourself and be healthy. In fact, I’ll bet if you did, you would feel even more relaxed after your trip, and ready to rejoin life with a refreshed attitude and outlook!

To start you off with some tips on how to travel healthfully, I’ve turned to my very dear friend and fellow health coach Angela Orecchio, who is an expert traveler! She has been travelling and working on a yacht for many years. during that time, she has managed to change her diet completely and navigate a vegan lifestyle all over the world!  She is truly inspiring by the way she takes charge of her health.  She has given me permission to share her recent blog post with you Never Get Stuck Eating Airplane Food Again!  In her post she offers great tips on what you need to consider before and during travelling.  I will continue to post more on #healthytravels in the new week or two! Stay tuned…


For anyone hopping on a plane in the next few weeks, this is a MUST READ!
THANKS ANGELA for sharing!!