A few months ago, I tried out for a show on the Food Network, and I had no idea what to expect at the audition. I got very little information on how things would go or what I would need to do. Well, I got there and had to spontaneously pretend I was touring a Farmer’s Market and explain what delicious items were for sale and why they were good for you. I can say, I was definitely in my element and it made me CRAVE summer time when the Farmer’s Market in my town would actually be there. I didn’t want to pretend anyway, I wanted it to be real.

Well, I didn’t get the job(I’m not exactly a seasoned actress), but I am happy to say Farmer’s Market season has finally arrived. Every Saturday morning I look forward to waking up early and heading to the market by 8am when it opens. I not only want the best selections, but I love coming home with a bag of fresh berries, cherries or peaches (can’t wait for the peaches!), some freshly baked carrot muffins & bread, and homemade jam for breakfast. I also pick up olives, pickles, sustainably raised local meats, and vegetables. When I feel indulgent or eager to go back to my Polish roots, I stop by the stand offering freshly made perogies and stuffed cabbage!


Shopping at the Farmers Market offers an amazing opportunity to connect with the people who grow your food, and connect with the food itself.  The colors, outdoor air and freshly baked or cooked on-site foods fill up my senses in the early morning – a great way to start out the day and the weekend!