People are always concerned about losing weight. But often when the goal is weight loss, deprivation becomes the main theme. Taking out certain foods can help you lose weight, and certain foods should be eliminated, but what you ADD IN counts just as much, if not more.

For a well-balanced diet, you need to have plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to your lean protein and whole grains.   Of course, this varies for every individual, some needing more protein than others and others prefer to omit all grains, following a more Paleo-style way of eating.  However, with the basics in place, along with plenty of hydration you will be on your way to a fat burning, nutritious eating plan that makes weight loss easy.  

High Fiber Fruits

Overall, fruit is a healthy part of every diet. However, not all fruits are equal in terms of how well they burn fat and help you lose weight. When you want to burn more fat with your fruit, look for ones that have a lot of fiber, as this is going to help fill you up, improve your digestion, plus burn more of your body fat. To start with, have more apples. They are high in flavor and high in fiber. Red apples offer a more powerful antioxidant punch and support your liver and its myriad of functions that keep you healthy.  Weight loss is difficult when your liver is overburdened, so it is important to offer support.

You can also have your fill of berries, which are loaded with antioxidants and burn fat as well. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are your common, but noticeably delicious types. Wild blueberries and dried mulberries are my two favorite berries.  As a side note, buy organic berries to spare the heavy pesticide load found on conventional varieties.   Try this delicious berry recipe

Avocados often get confused with being a vegetable, but they are actually fruit. They also boost your metabolism and are a good healthy fat to enjoy. Many people who want to lose weight are afraid of avocado because of its high fat content. However, a small bit (about 1/4 avocado) will help you stay satisfied and prevent sugar cravings later on.

Finally, add grapefruit to the list, which helps you to burn fat and has loads of vitamin C. (Caution: If you are on any type of medication check with your doctor before adding in grapefruit. It is known to interfere with medications).


Nutrient Dense Vegetables

Now for the best fat-burning vegetables. You want to add as many veggies to your diet as you can, opting for fresh whenever possible, but frozen is okay too. Try to avoid canned vegetables as they typically have a lot of sodium that you don’t want or need.

The vegetables that promote weight loss are those that contain the most nutrients. Bell peppers, broccoli and kale have a high amount of fiber, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Leafy greens in general help to burn fat, while providing calcium, protein, and fiber. Greens are critical for detoxing the body, supporting the liver and improving digestion.  Adding in leafy greens at every meal will improve your health and give your skin a beautiful glow.

Finally, legumes like lentils can help improve digestion and improve weight loss at the same time by adding in much needed fiber and other critical nutrients.  Some people have difficulty digesting legumes, so adding a splash of apple cider vinegar near the end of the cooking process, or cooking your beans with kombu (a highly nutritious sea vegetable that also adds valuable iodine) will ease the discomfort that comes with beans and legumes.

All the above are easy to incorporate into dishes you already eat.


Make Sure You Have the Basics

Right now the trend is no-low carb, high protein, but again, it is not just what you take out, but what you add in. To make any eating style work for you, you need to make sure you have the basics in place. Proper hydration, leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and exercise are key to making any weight loss plan successful.  Start building from the ground up by giving your body the nutrients it needs to let go of whatever it is holding on to.


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