You know how things seem to happen in patterns?
And how usually a repetitive action or event is a sign that something needs to be done or changed? Well this week I got a clear signal it was time to clear some things in my cabinets and de-clutter.

Itlotion all started with a bottle of lotion that was near the end. A few squirts and it was empty. So I looked for another, same story – nearly empty. So I searched for another. Yet again, nearly gone. Why I had kept so many nearly empty bottles baffled me, but I seem to shove them in the closet or drawer when getting those last bits out is too annoying or time-consuming. It’s just easier to buy a new bottle.

Do you find yourself doing the same thing with habits, life or even your food? Why bother taking the time to prepare healthy, nutritious food or balanced meals, when it is just easier to make something quick or drive through and pick up something in the car? Why bother to clean something up when it’s easier to shove it in the closet? Or to apply this to ourselves – why bother to be the bigger person in a relationship and humbly apologize after a fight, when it is easier to remain angry?

These empty lotion bottles made me think. Is there anything not quite finished in my life that I need to take care of? Or is there anything in my life cluttering my closets (so to speak?) My answer was YES! Several experiences I have had recently confirmed this as well. Hanging and undealt with emotions, lack of forgiveness with some past issues, and the lack of being able to move forward. Until I am able to empty those last lotion bottles, I cannot move forward. There isn’t any more room for storage!

Every so often it’s great to evaluate where you are. Where are you today? What do you need to clean out?