When Alexis de Tocqueville said, “The world belongs to those with the most energy,” I am sure he wasn’t referring to the lines of people waiting for a shot of espresso or venti coffee to start the day. The fact is most of us are dragging our feet through life. It’s hard to wake up and it’s certainly more difficult to make it past 3PM without caffeine or a sugary snack. Many of us live, caught up in an unconscious roller coaster – a constant up and down, living on a sugar or caffeine high, followed by a crash, followed by another high, etc. This cycle depletes our energy – it throws off our body’s ability and desire to maintain balance completely and leaves us crying out for the next pick-me-up. So how do we break free? Here are five ideas to add to your overall health and nutritional needs:


1.      Eat a balanced diet. Meals composed of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, good quality protein and healthy fats help control your blood sugar, keep your body in balance, and give your body the essential building blocks for good health.

2.      Eat fresh, local and organic foods as much as possible. 

3.      Eat High-Energy Foods. Foods like leafy greens, sea vegetables, quinoa, and nuts and seeds are rich in phytonutrients and get you ready to go. If you want some super power, munch on some goji berries or pure raw cacao nibs.

4.      Cut out foods that drain you like coffee, sugar and soda. Yes, even these drain you. You may feel a rush at first, which is why you consume them, but they play havoc with your blood sugar and leave you more tired than before!

5.      Eat consciously and mindfully, chewing thoroughly.  Stop eating when you are full.