Everyone is familiar with the iconic Lucky Charms Leprechaun and how he glides on the rainbow to the pot of gold.  He hit the jackpot with his box of cereal, complete with an array of colors and shapes. I used to love that cereal, especially the little marshmallows inside.

Well, I still love the concept of eating the rainbow – having a bowl of colorful food in front of me.  The colors entice me to eat, spark my digestive juices and besides all of that – it is FUN!

But these days, colorful cereal is not exactly my choice of food. Rather, I love to pack my bowl with bright fruits and vegetables, recognizing that the real pot of gold is good health. Nature gives us all the colors of the rainbow in sweet, savory, bitter, and spicy flavors to entice and excite our taste buds, satisfy our cravings and sustain good health.

The concept of eating the rainbow is not anything new – you can google it and find hundreds of sayings, articles, images, etc.  So I didn’t make this up obviously. But it is something I believe in, and especially with kids.  Teaching our kids to eat well is challenging these days with all the unhealthy temptations that lurk in every corner. The disconnect with food and where food comes from grows stronger daily, so I believe it is a great responsibility to bring whole foods back into the kitchen, and most importantly have fun with them!

Here’s a chart I made to encourage eating the rainbow.

Rainbow of flavors- revised

To encourage your kids (and yourself) to eat the rainbow, try to focus on a different color each day. For instance, Monday is red, Tuesday is orange, etc.  Or you can make snack plates that look like a rainbow, using cherries, oranges, apples, grapes, blueberries, and plums.

When you eat whole foods you feel better, increase your energy, and create good health. You may even have enough energy to dance like a leprechaun and claim your pot of gold!