In my last article I talked about my struggle with emotional eating and my war with food. Food was my enemy, not my friend.  For years I was an emotional eating disorder wreck. But it wasn’t about the food; it was a matter of self-love – something I had not yet cultivated.

If you have ever struggled with emotional eating, you know it’s rarely about the food. To create your healthy plate, you absolutely need to eat healthy, whole foods that support your body, nourish your cells and give you energy. However, I believe that how you eat and what you feel when you are eating can impact you as much if not more than what you actually eat. So to nourish your body, you can’t just look to food.  You have to go deeper. You have to start a journey to find your own peace with yourself. And then at every meal, you will have a peaceful plate.

 Refer back to my last article on how to set your table with the ingredients of self-love.

Once your table is set, it’s time to move on.

What IS healthy? What WILL help you lose weight, get more energy and feel better?

Food is in fact quite simple. I love how Michael Pollan sums it up. Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. There you have it.

Instead of thinking of food in terms of what will make you gain or lose weight, plan your plate with food that supports and nourishes you best. Put things on your plate that create health, and eat the “not so good” items with love and mindfulness (because they do sneak in, and that’s ok).


For PEACE on the food level, focus on:

Protein (leans and beans, seeds and nuts)

Energy filled greens

Ample water

Colorful fruits and veggies

Extras with mindfulness (meaning don’t over eat, pay attention to when you are full).


Sure there are rough days. Some days will be a challenge, but the more kindness you have towards yourself – the healthier your food gets! And the more you crave healthy food too!

When we are in touch with our emotions, cravings and inner wisdom, we don’t need a bag of potato chips or a carton of cookies to make us feel better.

Practicing mindfulness and listening to your body gives you the opportunity to fix what is not going right. Check in with your body daily. Is it happy with your choices? Or is it objecting through gas, bloating, food, headaches, etc. Do you feel nourished or spent? Do you feel safe or threatened by your plate?

To create a peaceful plate this week, do some soul searching, healthy shopping, mindful eating and chew with love.