Cook Once, Eat Thrice.

I love cooking, but I also don’t want to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. Therefore, I am a huge advocate of cooking once, eating thrice. This technique involves a little planning ahead and a bit of creativity, but will make cooking so much easier! Whether you are a working professional or a busy mom, try it out! 

Here’s an example of how to start:

1. Sunday afternoon, make a big pot of brown rice in a pot or rice steamer. Make double what you would usually serve for yourself or your family.  Use some of the rice in Sunday’s dinner, as a side dish for chicken or fish for example.  Save the rest. 

2. Eat some for breakfast the next morning by heating it up with a bit of water (or milk if you prefer), some cinnamon and walnuts. You can add cranberries or other dried fruits too. 

3.  OR for lunch, combine the brown rice, some leafy greens and some vegetables into a wrap and add your favorite sauce. 

4. Use the leftover rice to make a stir-fry Monday night. Add in freshly chopped vegetables and greens, some tamari and an egg for protein. Make your own fried rice. 

5. If you have any more leftover, combine rice with some vegetable or chicken broth and some vegetables to make hearty soup. 

This technique works with practically any grain. You may just want to switch up the recipes! 

Got Greens? If you bought greens, but are not sure what to do with them, try this out.  A bunch of kale can go a long way. 

1. Steam or saute some kale for an evening side dish.
2. The next morning, add some to scrambled eggs or an omelet. 
3. Take some leftover kale in a small container to work with a bit of tamari and some almonds for a savory-sweet snack.
4. If you have any leftover, make kale chips! Just brush the leaves with olive oil and sprinkle on some salt, pepper or cumin. Put in the oven on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes at 425. Turn over the leaves half way through.


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