Being Sick Actually Made Me Feel Better!

This month I battled a really nasty respiratory infection, but I had MORE energy than I have in a long time! made three changes over the past three weeks. 1. I started waking up before the kids woke up and spending 10 minutes praying and stretching. 2. I STOPPED EATING SUGAR! 3. I ate less. For anyone who says diet doesn't make a does!!

Smart Snacking Success

So, is snacking good? Yes, if done right, to help fuel your day. Having prepared (washed, cut and put into containers) veggies like cut carrot sticks, snap peas, celery, green beans, and jicama to go along with dips like hummus, salsa and guacamole helps keep me in the fridge and out of the pantry where the more processed foods are.

Green Your Body, Green Your World

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is getting easier, as more people demand fuel efficient cars, improved recycling and energy-saving appliances. However, one place that could have […]

Loving Food?

Appreciation. Respect.

Those are two words you don’t commonly associate with food, especially in today’s on-the-go society.  We are too busy to stop and […]