Food for Healing

The saying, “Let food be thy medicine” by Hippocrates, has been circulating around the globe for thousands of years, as a school of thought regarding […]

Put away the scale. You are enough!

I tell my clients who want to lose weight to put away the scale. Some look at me with relief, others with trepidation – others with a combination of both emotions. The scale represents so much, too much sometimes. We often allow the scale to tell us how we ought to feel that day. It’s not how you look, but how you feel.

Seasons of Life

What are some habits that are preventing you from being your best in this season of your life?...Making subtle, small changes allow you to ease your way into things, and results in less of shock. You are also more likely to adapt to small changes than big ones. So, take a look at what's stopping you from being YOUR best in THIS time of your life. With a few tweaks, you can make THIS time THE time of your life!

Making a list…and checking it twice

Whatever you decide, making a commitment to improve your health each year is an important one. After all, you only have one body - and you are the only one responsible for taking care of it. By making your new years' resolutions less intense and in more in reach, you are more likely to commit and carry them out throughout the year