If you are like me, deciding what to eat for breakfast is as appealing as doing laundry or walking the dog in a rainstorm. I alternate stares between the refrigerator and the pantry, trying to decide what appeals to be today. Toast? Cereal? Fruit? I don’t know.

Many of us get stuck in a breakfast rut of instant oatmeal and processed breakfast cereals – or we indulge daily in meat and eggs. But believe it or not, there IS more out there!  It is possible to have a quick and easy, HEALTHY start to the day. A colleague of mine recently told me about a radio broadcast that featured a women discussing food allergies. She is allergic to eggs and said the hardest part is that now she can’t eating ANYTHING else but  toast for breakfast.  Is this true? Far from it. There are SO many breakfast options out there, it just requires some out of the [cereal] box thinking.

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, so you should take the opportunity each morning to get your body off to the right start. After all, you are breaking a 10-12 hour fast and your body needs nourishment and hydration, as well as fuel for the day.

Tired of boxed cereal, toast and oatmeal? Here are some options, with jazzed up titles, that will get you salivating for daybreak tomorrow.

1.  Yogurt Parfait: In a glass, layer plain organic yogurt, your favorite sliced fruit, low-fat granola (watch the sugar labels – aim for 9 grams of less), more yogurt, ground flax seed, more fruit, then top with sliced almonds and a dash of cinnamon!  You can take this to go too!

Smoked Salmon with Heirloom Tomatoes and Capers

2. Smoked Salmon w/Heirloom Tomatoes, Cream Cheese and Capers: This is one of my favorites. Take Whole Grain Rye Bread (Fitness Bread or German Rye Bread), and top with Organic Cream Cheese, Cold Smoked Alaskan Salmon,  sliced Heirloom Tomatoes and Capers. A delicious start!

Quinoa with cinnamon and almonds

3. Cinnamon Walnut Quinoa: Got Quinoa leftover from the night before? Or how about Brown Rice, Couscous, or Millet? Why not make breakfast!?  Take your plain leftover cooked grains, heat them up and add in cinnamon, ginger, diced or sliced seasonal fruit, and walnuts or almonds. High in protein and heavy on flavor! Yummy!

4.  Southwestern Tofu Scramble:  Tofu you asked? Yes, I love it! Black beans, corn, peppers, salsa and avocado mixed with tofu. Saute the veggies with a bit of oil, then add in the tofu (use firm and break up with the spatula til it is crumbly). Add in spices like cumin, paprika, chili powder, etc – whatever you like. Top with salsa, avocado, cilantro, basil, etc. Serve with a side of toast.

So, now you are no longer stuck with just toast for breakfast! But if you do want a piece of toast, jazz it up with almond butter, fresh pureed fruits or veggies (I sometimes use my daughter’s baby food!), avocado, or cut up bananas with peanut butter!

Starting your day out right will help you manage better throughout the day. We pack a lot into our days, so be sure to pack the nutrition in first!