Autumn Grilled Cheese

It doesn’t happen often, but today I got a craving for a grilled cheese sandwich. Something about the warm gooey-ness just caught my attention on this rainy damp day.  My three year old was more than happy to join me in the indulgence.  Using fresh rye bread, grass fed butter, and organic cheddar cheese, I began to assemble. Grilled cheese is not the healthiest lunch, so as I put it together, I thought of ways to elevate the sandwich while remaining true its deliciousness.

Then it hit me. Just moments before, I had opened a can of pumpkin to share with the dog. He loves pumpkin!  Using what was leftover, I spread pumpkin puree on the inner part of one slice of bread, topped that with cheddar and parmesan cheeses, and then added a handful of chopped cilantro.  The cilantro adds bite and contrast to the sweet pumpkin (and of course sneaks in some nutrients).  Then, on the other inner slice, I used locally made apple butter. The combination of pumpkin and apple butter of course hits an autumnal note.  And the sweetness of these choices, combined with the cilantro and the brininess of the cheese…..well, it’s the perfect flavor combination! Salt, sweet, pungent.

Next time you are craving a grilled cheese sandwich, think of ways you can #elevate your plate, using vegetables or greens.

And remember…Make it with love, Share it with a smile, and Enjoy every bite.

Autumn grilled cheese!

Autumn grilled cheese!


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