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Have you ever started something new, and half way through things start to fall apart? Perhaps you are trying to lose weight, exercise more, or just eat healthier. Suddenly, after three amazing months of effort and success, you find yourself hitting a plateau with weight, lacking the motivation to exercise, or reaching for the cookies and ice cream again. Or perhaps you say to yourself, “I’ve done so well, I deserve a break.” Sound familiar? What you are actually doing is self-sabotage, and it is totally natural – even part of the process! When you hit this point, ask yourself, “Am I truly ready to embrace change?” and “Is there anything holding me back from being my best?”

Self-sabotage comes from a fear of change. After being a certain way for so long, we often want to stay tied to behavior, even if that means staying overweight, continuing an unhealthy diet, or staying in an unbeneficial relationship. It is all we know, and has become a part of our identity. Leaving that behind can be scary. But it will also be liberating, exciting and AMAZING!

After seven years of battling an eating disorder, I was finally ready to step away. My body had said “That’s enough. I quit.” I became sick and had a choice: Get worse or get better. Thankfully I chose the latter, and can now help lead others down that path. What an AMAZING change! But taking that step did not come without many attempts at self-sabotage. I had to stay true to my mission and focus on the positive, taking small steps and internalizing my success along the way.

If you are hitting a wall of self-sabotage right now, click on my AFL Self Sabotage worksheet! This worksheet will help you reframe, refocus and recharge; and get you ready to say good-bye to self-sabotage!