An apple cider smoothie you say?  Oh yeah!  Some people go crazy for pumpkin spice in the fall, but I just love apple cider.  I love it plain, but I especially love it spiced with those quintessential fall spices like cinnamon, clove, and ginger. (I know you can smell and taste them right now!).  They not only smell amazing, but they are anti-viral spices too, meaning the help prevent and stop the replication of viruses in the body. Pretty sweet deal.

So, one day I was making a smoothie and thought, why not use apple cider instead of just water? Add a little oomph to the drink. Yum!  I used kale and parsley, but sub in the greens you prefer. I also added in some extra ginger. You can add in cinnamon, which would be great for helping keep your blood sugar stable (and add in some sweet spice).

Take this recipe below and customize it to suit you fall tastebuds 😉