Transform your life from frustrated and fatigued to fulfilled and full of flavor!

When was the last time you felt truly healthy and energized?

How about when you felt your best – like you could accomplish anything?

It’s time to reclaim your health.

Hi, I’m Caryn!

CNS, MS, Clinical Nutrition expert, Integrative Health Coach

 I believe in the body’s ability to heal & balance itself. What you eat, your environment, your family history, genetics, and lifestyle all play a role in health and healing. I believe every person deserves an individualized, personal approach to health and nutrition.

That is why I’ve spent the last 15 years helping women take charge of their health, be more than their diagnosis, and find a way to create balance through diet and lifestyle.


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 “I  can not express how glad I am that I decided to work with Caryn.

After just two meetings, Caryn did what one allergist, three dermatologists, and one ENT could not do – she helped me find relief from  extreme itching by changing my diet. I have been 99% symptom-free for 10 months and I am eternally grateful for her empathy, compassion and skills

Meredith, New Jersey

“Caryn was able to help me work towards my goals by [teaching me that] small, marginal steps are as effective as large ones…

Marie, Georgia

“Working with Caryn has changed my life!

I suffered from many digestive issues and saw many doctors regarding the issues, but to no avail. Since working with Caryn, I have not had any digestive issues. She helped me identify which ingredients in food were causing issues and completely changed the way I look at food. I am now more aware of what I put in my body and how it affects me – as a result almost all of my anxiety has diminished.  I am so thankful for her services and will continue to share what I’ve learned with my friends and family.

Lauren, New Jersey

“I have altered my perception of my eating habits and energy needs with Caryn’s guidance and wealth of information.

Her holistic approach to nutrition was the way I finally understood how to eat according to my unique self. The cooking advice and techniques also helped me to approach food shopping and preparation in a more enjoyable way. Thank you, Caryn!

Dianne, New Jersey

“Caryn did so much to lift my spirits and by enable me to express my feelings…in just one session!

She made me realize that I can have a measure of control over my health.

Joan, New Jersey, Curtis Counseling Group, LLC